If you live in Melbourne and your pet has just passed away, or if your pet is ill and you
 know time is getting close to having to make that heartbreaking decision to say a final goodbye, then please
contact Pets In Heaven ® on 0402 466 988 to arrange the collection of your loved pet in 
Ian's unique and beautifully fitted Pets In Heaven ® Vehicle.

From a strong and genuine desire to ensure each pet owner or family is left with a tranquil and peaceful last
impression, Ian fitted his Pets In Heaven ® vehicle with soft satin and elegant chiffons,
 to create a soothing and gentle lasting memory of your pets final journey.
With Ian's 18 years in the human funeral business, you can rest assured his services are very
professional because it is very important to him that you receive the best  possible farewell he can provide for
your loved pet.

So Why Choose Pets In Heaven ® ?

  • We will Personally collect your loved pet from either your home or vet or Ian can meet you at a designated location.
  • We have the FIRST and  ONLY dedicated pet Chapel in Melbourne, for peace of mind and comfort you can say your final farwells in beautiful surroundings. BOOKINGS BY APPOINTMENT
  • We have a beautifully fitted Pets In Heaven ® vehicle  which was specially created for individual pet collection and individual service. As far as we know it is the ONLY Pet Hearse in Australia.
  • When possible, we will prepare your pet for a viewing in the beautiful lined Pets In Heaven ® basket, or at our Chapel.
  • We assure you that your pet is handled and treated gently, carefully and respectfully.
  • We offer you as much time as you require to say your private farewell
  • We only perform Individual Pet Cremations at our own facility, using our own cremators.
  • We will bill you DIRECT and do not pass our bills onto second parties to re-bill you. 
  • Your loved pets ashes are returned back to you Personally.  
  • If you have a camera Ian is happy to take some photos of you and your loved pet.
  • We do our best to operate 7 days a week 365 days a year. However this may vary due to Ian's involvement in the CFA ( Country Fire Authority ) 
  • Our phone is on 24 hours a day because he understands you may require his services outside normal business hours. if you get the answering machine PLEASE leave a message and Ian will ring you back.
  • We are only a phone call away  0402 466 988 or e-mail at info@petsinheaven.com.au
  • Ian's Postal address is PO Box 21, Bunyip, Victoria. 3815

Pets In Heaven ® Services


Pet Cremation


Individual cremation of your loved pet is guaranteed. I also provide each pet owner with a “Pets In Heaven ® –‘ In Memory’ - Cremation Certificate". Each pet’s ashes can be returned in either an attractive wooden ashes box or you may prefer to have your pet’s ashes returned in a tasteful container allowing you to scatter your pet’s ashes whenever you’re ready.

Some things to consider about Pet Cremation:  These days cremation of a cherished pet seems to be the option preferred by many pet owners. Some pet owners scatter their loved pets ashes in a favorite park or along the beach or in their garden, while many other pet owners keep their pets ashes inside and place them on a mantle piece or on a side table or next to their bed.

Having your pets ashes in an urn means you are able to take them with you if you ever have to  move  house and some people are now writing in their will to have their pets ashes cremated with them. Other pet owners bury their pet’s urn in the garden in place of a burial, making it easier to retrieve  if ever they relocate and it saves having to pay for a casket and to have a large hole dug. 

If cremation is your choice, I assure you that your loved pet is cremated individually  by Ian personally at our own facility using our own cremators . The ashes you receive are guaranteed to be those of your pet. We do not practice multiple cremations!


Pet Home Burial


At Pets In Heaven ® I can offer you advice and suggestions in relation to preparation for a pet burial. At this stage, I do not have the facilities for a pet cemetery.

Some things to consider with a pet home burial or pet cemetery: Although a smaller percentage, some people prefer to have their loved pet buried at home or at a pet cemetery.
If this is your choice and you wish to bury your pet at home  please think very carefully about where you are going to dig your pet’s grave and be sure to check the location of power and gas cables that run underground. It may be a very good idea to call a company such as “Dial before you Dig” or call a professional to dig the grave. Also beware of other animals digging up your pet's remains and also consider the possibility of future subdivision of the land or what if you have to move ?. As an alternative some clients have chosen cremation and bury or place the urn of their loved pet (sealed in a plastic container etc.) and bury it  in a special place in their garden. This way, you can take your beloved pet with you wherever you go.

If you prefer to have your pet buried at a pet cemetery, then keep in mind that you may also
be charged for the plot, a casket and on-going maintenance costs  in relation to the upkeep of your pets grave site. With the cost of land being so expensive these days you may have to travel quite a distance out of the CBD to find a pet cemetery as the local pet cemeteries I contacted are now full.

Pet Collection

I offer a service tailored to meet  your needs and wishes. I will collect your beloved pet from your home or I can liaise with the veterinarian of your choice to collect your pet from their clinic in my unique and elegant Pets In Heaven ® vehicle. If we are to meet at your vet’s clinic please ensure that your vet is aware that you have already made arrangements for  Pets In Heaven ® to collect your loved pet once he or she has passed away and for the cremation of your pet. I am also able to meet you at a designated location, which is very popular for many pet owners who live out in the country area's.

Some things to consider about pet collection: While most of my clients prefer to have their loved pet collected  from their home, sadly some clients don't have that option as their pet may have passed away at the vet clinic. If you wish you CAN ask the vet if you can take your pet back home after it has passed away and then arrange for us to come to your home. Some pet owners feel more comfortable doing this and it allows them to spend a little more time with their loved pet. There are also some clients who prefer to be away from their home to say farewell and may wish to meet us at their vet’s or at some other location. Also, some pet owners  prefer to not be present when I collect their pet but they have the peace of mind knowing their pet is treated and handled with the best of care and dignity and they are giving their loved pet the most beautiful farewell. (If this is your choice, I will always call you to let you know I have arrived at the vet clinic and that your loved pet is now with us on it's final journey)  

At Pets In Heaven ® I understand some pet owners may also prefer a simple collection with no fuss and to keep things low key. I will work with you to provide the exact service you require, so please let us know when booking my services. Phone: 0402 466 988  

Pets In Heaven ® can meet you where ever you feel comfortable. When meeting at your vet’s, I usually arrange to meet at the rear in a quiet area of the car park. I then liaise with your vet and take my pet basket into the clinic and gently place your pet into my Pets In Heaven ® basket so they are comfortable and ready for you to view. From there most pet owners usually like to carry their pet out to my vehicle. (or I can do this for you)

You are then given the private time you need to say your final farewells. Some pet owners sit at the rear of my vehicle and cuddle or snuggle their friend, and spend a peaceful few minutes listening to soft music and remembering all the wonderful times they shared.. 

You are never hurried and for some people a few moments are enough, whereas others need a little more time. To be able to offer pet owners such a unique and caring service is my privilege at Pets In Heaven ®. I know how much you loved your friend, so I do my best to provide a soft and peaceful setting for you to say farewell.


I can assist you with Melbournes exclusive service that will carefully assist for your pets exhumation.
Please call us on 0402 466 988 for further details. 


Hours of Trading  



My phone is on  EVERY DAY AND NIGHT - 7 DAYS A WEEK!

However if I am with a family or involved with the CFA I will NOT answer my phone . Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I am able. PLEASE speak  CLEARLY and SLOWLY when leaving your phone number.

Thank you


Phone Ian on 0402 466 988
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