Below are just some of the wonderful emails and notes received
by us at Pets In Heaven ®. We would like to sincerely thank everyone
 who has taken the time to write to us.

You can e-mail a testamonial or post to p.o Box 21, Bunyip, Victoria. 3815

Hello Ian and team,


We would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful you handled our dear little princess Sprocket.

You were so caring of both our feelings and our little girl, it made us feel just that little better at this time.

Words to describe you are respectful, compassionate, caring and very kind.


Also when Daniel rang us the other night to say he was bringing the little girl home to us it just felt that we had

given her to people who understood how we are feeling.  The way in which we received her back was just so



Thank you once again.


Cheryl and Len Trott – Keilor Downs.

To Ian,


We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to you and the professional service that you provide.  Although Billy passed away quite suddenly we were able to have him as part of our family for 11 years. During this time when it is very difficult to make decisions, dealing with your company was a pleasure. We are glad that Billy was put to rest by someone who is passionate about animals, caring, and understands how difficult these circumstances are for families.  Amidst all the sadness Billy’s ashes were returned to our family so that he could still be with us forever.


Welsh family

Dear Ian,


It has not even been 15 minutes since you collected Conan from our home.  Thank you so much for your caring and considerate advice and approach.  You made our farewell to our little boy so much easier.

It is such a pleasure to encounter someone whose testimonials and web-page are absolutely accurate and not in the least embellished.

Thank you for not being embarrassed by our heartfelt display of our grief and thank you for the hugs you gave both of us.

Thank you for looking after our little boy so well at this time and treating him with so much genuine respect.


Very best regards,

Paul & Heidi.

Dear Ian,
Both Mary and myself would like to thank you for the way in which you carried out Feoras cremation It was a very sad and stressful time for us and you showed a great deal of compassion. We are very grate full to you as Feora was a very dedicated companion for Mary.
Once again I would like to thank you for your compassion and consideration in our time of grief for Feora. I will have no hesitation
in recommending your services to any of our friends who require a service such as yours.
Mary & Peter
Cranbourne East.

Hi Ian,

Just a quick note to say thank you for taking care of my dear Oscar who passed away on 10th December. I’m glad I was able to take his ashes with us when we went away for Christmas, it meant a lot to me. I’d previously used your service when my beloved dog, Oreo, passed away in February 2008. I’d highly recommend your caring service to anyone.

Kind regards,


The realization that we had to put our dog Kobi down was surfacing in our minds for sometime despite numerous attempts to cure him from a disease that still could not be diagnosed. In consultation with the emergency clinic about euthanasia, I was horrified to find out about group cremations. I immediately got online and found Pets in Heaven and made the call to Ian.

We regrettably put Kobi to sleep on Saturday, Ian picked him up that evening and returned his ashes the following day.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, kindness and understanding in dealing with our boy.

I will recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone who has to face the most difficult decision of saying goodbye to their pet.

Thanking You from the bottom of our hearts

Simon & Verena
RIP Kobi-1-Kenobi

My husband Henry and I were awaken early in the morning on Saturday 21st April 2012 by the commotion our beloved rat Kiko was making. She was in such a restless state as she was having very laboured breathing. It was as though she was telling us "Wake up! I won't be here much longer". We both took turns cuddling her and telling her that we loved her; and within minutes she breathed her last. Although we have been warned by the vet that it was a touch and go situation with her due to her advanced age, the thought of her no longer being there to greet us and to climb on our shoulders everyday was extremely distressing. To make matters worse, some of our friends (who surprise, surprise, aren't animal lovers) laughed at us for being so affected by her death - because to them, Kiko was, after all, "just a rat". One even laughed, slapped us on our backs and commented "Lighten up! It's not like a family member died!". This was upsetting because as many animal lovers would agree - our pets ARE part of our family. They ARE a part of our everyday lives. Kiko's death IS having a part of the family taken away. It is heart breaking. We felt totally lost as we had no support and absolutely no idea what to do after her passing. We needed someone who would understand. Kiko was very much loved by us and we wanted to send her off in an appropriate way. I went on the internet not feeling sure what to expect, and I was so lucky to come across the Pets in Heaven website. I made the call and the manner in which Ian spoke and answered my questions had such a calming effect. I knew then that I found the right person to entrust Kiko to for her final farewell. Ian arrived at our place that night and we couldn't have asked for a more gentle, caring and understanding person to look after Kiko. He treated Kiko and us with so much respect. We were allowed to spend as much time as we needed with her and to take photos before saying goodbye. As we placed her at the rear of the hearse wrapped in her favourite blanket, we thought how peaceful and angelic she looked lying on the soft satin.

After Kiko's cremation, Ian personally returned her ashes to us. Again we felt comforted by his gentle and understanding approach. We knew that we found the closure we needed. Whilst we are still sad that Kiko has left us, we are happy and satisfied that her final journey was a dignified one.

To Ian and the Pets in Heaven team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn't have gotten through Kiko's passing without you. Your services are fantastic and very professional. We have no regrets entrusting Kiko to you and we will definitely recommend your services to anyone who requires it.


Elaine and Henry

HI Ian,

Thankyou again for the genuine sincerity and care you showed regarding the cremation and farewell of Miss Kitty. I felt you truly understood my sadness at losing a precious dear friend and thank you for that.


Dear Ian,

I just want to thank you for your wonderful care & attention you gave myself & my family on our recent loss of Tasha. It was so appreciated at a difficult time for us. Your beautiful basket for Tasha to lay in for her final journey & allowing us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes meant so much. You returning her ashes to us so she would still be with us means a great deal. She is now buried in our garden and always with us.

Thanks just does not seem enough for what you did for us,

Cicely Boyne

Dearest Ian and Alysa,

There are not enough words to express our sincere gratitude in assisting us during one of the most difficult times we had to face. Your compassion and grace touched all of us, both yourself and your lovely daughters care and thoughtful nature still bring a tear to my eye, you felt our pain you shared in that moment and assisted us in making our final farewell a memorable and befitting our little princess Lucy. I knew the minute that I met Alysa, we had made the right decision in entrusting our dearest little girl for her final journey.
God bless you both

Kristina - Pascoe Vale

Dear Ian,

Thank you so much for the service that you provide with Pets In Heaven.  Losing our Wil was so hard but your kindness and caring for our family and our precious pet made us feel better.  We are grateful for the service that Pets In Heaven provides and the professional, dignified and personal manner in which you assisted us.  While Wil  is gone he will never be forgotten and we have our special keepsakes with us all the time thanks to your service.   

whilst the Rainbow Bridge made us cry it also lifted our spirits. 

Again, our sincerest thanks and we wish you all the best. 


Jayne, Coby & Graeme.

To Dear Ian,

Danny and I cannot thankyou enough for the care and compassion you showed to us while we were dealing with the loss of our Special Little Angel “Jasmine “. From the moment you arrived to pick up our little girl, I knew we made the right choice in using Pets in Heaven. Your patience and understanding while giving us time to say goodbye, words cannot express how grateful we are for that and also the effort taken with how your Hearse is decorated, from the beautifully decorated basket we placed Jasmine in, down to the  roses that lay either side of her. We could not have wished for a better way of saying goodbye to our baby who was such a big part of our life for 14 and a half years. Like I said to you when we spoke it is a credit to you and your sons memory what you do for our special “Fur Babies”. Thankyou once again,



Danny and Jane Baldwin.

Dear Ian,

Just a note to thank you with all my heart for taking care of my adorable boy Samity who passed away Tuesday morning. I was so relieved to see that his final journey would be one of dignity, respect and comfort. After all, he was my pride and joy and treated like a little king at home so only fitting that he got the same treatment on his last journey.

It was a beautiful image of the last time I saw my little boy that I will now hold in my heart forever. To see him bundled up like a new born baby, so comfortable, peaceful, cosy and dignified meant so much to me. He deserved the 'royal treatment' and I am so happy that you could give that to Samity.

I commend you for providing such a dignified, professional, caring and compassionate service. Thank you for making such a difficult time just that bit more bearable.

Thank you for everything and for treating my little boy with care and compassion.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Myra Karantzas.

Dear Ian,

thank you for everything that you have done for us in this difficult time.
losing our precious baby Prada was a shock and a horrible situation which you made alot easier.
from the Thursday night late phone call to her pick up and delivery at the pet cemetery on friday you were caring and understanding of our loss.
My partner and i cannot thank you enough for the way you took care of our little angel on her final journey.
Thank you is not enough. 
yours sincerly
Aimee & Gavin

Hi Ian,
I would like to thank you for the sincerity, dignity and respect with which you treated me and my "little pal" Milo, during one of the saddest moments of my life.  After having to put him down on Christmas day, the thought of just abandoning him at the vet or having to bury him in a crude hole was too much to consider and no way to thank my dog for the happiness, companionship, devotion, loyalty, laughs (and occassional frustration!) that he brought into not only my life, but those around us.
Despite him being with me for only four short years, Milo was my best mate and I will always miss him and his happy, carefree, playful nature.  I am so glad that I was able to entrust the final requirements of his care to you to ensure he was given the dignity and respect he deserved.
Thankyou again, you have made a very difficult time a little easier to bare.  Your services and professionalism are very much appreciated and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in their time of grief.
Shayne - Gladstone Park
Hi Ian,

Finally getting a chance to say "Thank you" for everything you did for
us to help us say goodbye to Brittany. Your sincerity and the respect
you showed for both Brittany and our wishes was wonderful and made
such a difficult time for us so much easier. Thank you for all that
you did and we will highly recommend you to anyone who faces a similar

Jill, Roland & Ethan
To Ian,
 "Thank You" does not even begin to describe what you did for for my beloved cat Tinka and also myself. You are a very special person. You were able to send my baby to Rainbow Bridge with the love and dignity that she
(and all our loved pets) deserve,along with giving me the support I needed.
Kindest regards - Lisa
God Bless

Dear Ian,


Thank you for having such a wonderful business as this, which can bring some dignity and peace to the special animals that we love.  Our pets are much more that just pets, to most people they are a part of the family as was my beloved boy Jake .

I was extremely distraught and despairing as to how I could provide a proper and dignified send off to my boy, until I came upon your website and then spoke to you personally and you were very compassionate and understanding and could give my some peace of mind.

I have spent many weeks in tears and was very grateful to have my boy back and the poem that you provided me with also was a great comfort and support and had me look at everything in a different way, as at that stage I did not care or even want to continue life without my ‘Big Hairy Bear’.

You are a very sincere and special person to be able to provide this service and I will be greatly indebted to you. Thank you so much for everything, I will be certainly recommending you to anyone seeking this sort of service and to other pet owners that I know.

Jake would have been thankful that someone as caring as his mummy was looking after him and providing him with the comfort that he had got used to.

Ian you are a remarkable person and I do not know how I could ever fully express my gratitude, thank you so much.


Jenni & Anthony

Dear Ian,

I want to thank you for the kindness and care you gave me when my darling Alfred Winston Barker passed away.
I couldn't express adequately the loss I was and still am feeling , but you knew exactly how ,and what, I was feeling when you said the following, "You may feel as if you are a bit empty or there is an emptiness in your life at the moment" "But that is not unusual when you lose someone who is so precious to you".

Those words summed up everything for me and your few minutes of allowing me to express my grief without feeling embarrassed,have made the understanding of what has happened much easier to cope with.
Your professionalism, care and attention made the choice of what to do for Alfred very easy under sad circumstances, I would and will recommend anyone in the same situation to contact you and have done so already.

I hope you'll use my words on your testimonial page so other people in grief, of losing their beloved fur babies, can be assured that the service "Pets in Heaven" promises, is exactly what is delivered.

warm regards

Jewel Dornin

Dear Ian,

It's been 7 weeks now since we said goodbye to our darling girl Dana , our 11 1/2 year old dog, whom we lost to cancer on 31st May 2009. When we knew her time was approaching, we searched for a suitable service on the internet and we could not go past Pets In Heaven. Everything was so caring and dignified for our girl's last journey and we felt confident that she would be treated with the respect she deserved. Ian was so nice and genuine and we are so glad that we chose him to look after Dana in those final days. It's good to know that there is a funeral service available who really care about how our furkids are treated. I could tell that Ian sympathised with what we were going through, our loss and devastation in losing Dana, having been in that situation himself, losing his beloved Tyson. I would highly recommend Ian and his wonderful Pets In Heaven to anyone who wishes to give their pet a dignified and caring final farewell.

Liz, Chris, Scully and Angel Dana

Dear Ian
I wanted to say thank you so much for looking after Bear the way you did,( sorry its a bit delayed but has taken me a bit to be able to think of Bear without to many tears). You made the whole process so much easier and it was nice to be able to talk to someone that understands how much my boy ment to me, he was much more than just a dog.
Your understanding and compasion at such a difficult time really ment alot,  I knew Bear was treated with respect and love all the way. I would highly recommend you to anyone that wanted to have a pet cremated, knowing there "fur baby" was in the best of hands.
Big thankyou's again
kindest regards leisl wood :)
( rest in peace Bear my corgi)

Hello Ian


Thank you so much for helping us with Jasper .  His passing (at the tender age of three years) has left us with a sadness we never anticipated for many years to come.  However, our ordeal was lessened by your sensitivity and kindness.  Jasper was a very fine little chap who brought a great deal of joy to our lives, and there is some peace in knowing that his transition was honoured with the respect and dignity he deserved.   You offer a wonderful service to people who truly open their hearts to furry friends.


Kind regards

Zrenrah and Thelma

Dear Ian and Pets In Heaven,

I would like to thank you for your kindness and compassion when you assisted me with organising my baby boy CUBA 's cremation.

As you know it was a very stressful and emotional time for me when Cuba unexpectedly passed away due to a snake bite. It was a horrible day for me when I took Cuba to the Vet and he passed away on the way there.

I said my goodbye's to Cuba at the Vet clinic, and was then advised of my options from there on, either taking Cuba back home and burying him or the vet would arrange for cremation or burial. I went home leaving Cuba with the vet to be buried, and in a few hours I changed my mind as I did not want him buried in an unknown location. I went onto your website and read through all the information, and I could see that you are genuinely caring not just a man running a business, I called you and you were so understanding and informative, you helped with all my questions and helped me pick the most suitable urn to have Cuba's ashes to rest.

When you came to my house to return Cuba I was very touched with everything. The urn with Cuba's photo was perfect, and the poem was very touching it made me cry but also happy knowing that Cuba is now resting and that we will meet again. Cuba was a great boy, he was my first pet dog that I got on my own that was my full responsibility, he was my child, my Fur baby as you say. He was always looking out for me and was very protective. Having Cuba in my life made me very happy, so I am very very glad that I had time to think about my options with the vet and found Pets In Heaven. Even though Cuba is now gone his ashes will always be with me in my house or where ever I go he will be with me.

Thank you very much Ian, for your efforts with taking care of Cuba and myself,  I feel happy I made the right choice.

Love from Nee


Thanks a million Ian, you were so understanding, sometimes people do not understand how bad it feels to lose a special pet. I thank you for being "human" Marg and Dave Read  in remembrance of our darling Scottie- Bonnie

Dear Ian,


Just a little message to thank you so much for looking after Chang on his final journey.

I knew immedately that Pets in Heaven was the right choice, and that you were that special person – giving me the strength to pass him over to your care, confident that he was in good hands.

The respect you showed to Chang, the beautifully decorated hearse and little touches made the occasion very special and we felt that Chang had a lovely send off.   I couldn’t recommend you more highly.


With much appreciation.


Debbie Carbery

To Dear Ian,

Pete, Tori, Jake and I would like to  thank you and we will be forever grateful for the loving service you provided. As you know our Cosmo passed away unexpectedly and was taken from us far too soon, we thank you for showing Cosmo the respect and dignity he deserved on his final journey, its comforting to know that your out there offering these services as most of us our so grief stricken to think clearly, but you guided us and gave us the time to grieve and for that we'll be forever grateful. Cosmo can now be still a very much part of our lives and its comforting to know he will come with us no matter where we go. Your "IN LOVING MEMORY" and 'THE RAINBOW BRIDGE" was the biggest helf and comfort to us all in helping us to accept our loss.

Once again thank you Ian for loving our pets like your own.
Mary Wolfe

Dear Ian,
Jason and I wanted to write and express our most sincere thanks for your invaluable assistance in dealing with the loss of our beautiful cat Smokey .  Your compassion, empathy, respect and genuine love of animals was obvious to us immediately, and we had complete trust in you from the moment we met.  We knew we had found just the right person to give Smokey the individual attention she deserved.
Mere words cannot convey how grateful we are for the way in which you dealt with our tears, stories and endless questions when you came to our home to collect her in your beautiful vehicle.  We felt completely confident that Smokey was in the very best of hands from that moment until you returned her to us last night.
You have made an incredibly difficult time just that bit easier for us - once again - thankyou.
Warm Regards,
Drew & Jason


Dear Ian,

It has taken me some time to write this letter of appreciation for looking after my boy Chester . 

I thank you for the dignity you gave him on his final journey, the care and respect you showed to myself and my partner. I thank you for your honesty and integrity in dealing with me, and giving me time to get things clear in my head at this time. I thank you for the talk, and those special words, I know my boy will be waiting for me.

My deepest and sincerest thanks.

David Brown


Dear Ian


I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through my beautiful Jessie’s passing without you and I feel so very lucky to have found you.  It started the moment I heard your voice on the telephone when I first called you to tell you about what was happening and that I would need you soon.  I remember I just breathed a sigh of relief at that moment because I knew you would be there for me and my girl and I would be free to grieve her loss free from worrying about where she was going and what was going to happen to her.  You made the whole transition for Jessie bearable for me and I know I have witnessed the most pure human generosity and kindness of spirit in you and I will always and forever be grateful.


Thank you for everything Ian.





An Ode to Ian and Pets in Heaven


When a pet you love has had their days

No words can I deliver

To ease the pain that will be felt

Tears will run just like a river


To say goodbye is dreadfully hard

It can’t be another way

When that time has come or soon it will

It’s just on earth that they can’t stay


If you’re like me you’ll want to know

Your pet will be safe and sound

As it leaves their place on earth

And moves to higher ground


I searched and found that someone special

When you meet him you will see

He goes by the name Ian Robinson

But he’s Ian Angel Wings to me.


He drives a hearse designed for pets

Where surrounded with satin and lace

He’ll take them on their final journey

Then bring them home to their resting place


With dignity and compassion

At anytime, even eleven

He’ll be right there when you need him

Helping you and your Pets in Heaven



Hi Ian,

It’s now been just over 4 months since we said goodbye to our beloved dog Kramer , who gave us so much joy and unconditional love for 13 years. Knowing the end was near for him, what an amazing moment it was for me when I stumbled across your website whilst ‘googling’ for ideas on how to prepare children for the death of a pet. I could not believe that I had found someone who could guide us through such a sad time and make Kramer’s final farewell so dignified and poignant. What you didn’t know at the time, Ian, is that we were also dealing with the passing of my mother a few days before and her funeral was to be the day after we met you and said goodbye to Kramer. Your genuine compassion and the kindness and understanding you showed to all of us, when we were feeling so fragile, is something we will never forget and when you brought Kramer home to us, we knew that he had been looked after with the greatest of care. We are so grateful that we were able to make Kramer’s last moments so peaceful and that our final memory of him is such a beautiful one.

Thankyou for all that you do to make the hardest thing in the world a little easier.

Fondest regards,

Sharon, Brad, Keegan and Abby Dart


Dearest Ian,


Thank you so very much for taking the most wonderful care of our beautiful baby girl Lacey’s final journey.  I felt really awful ringing you on Boxing Day, as I did not want to bother you during the Christmas holidays.  The moment you rang back, I knew that you were the right person to assist us with Lacey’s cremation.  The kindness and compassion you conveyed to me over the phone at the loss of our beloved baby was out of this world and absolutely appreciated.  We miss Lacey terribly and always will, but I am reassured that she has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, playing and eating (she loved food) to her hearts’ content, waiting for the day until we meet again.  Thank you again Ian, we are forever grateful.


All the very best,


Nicole, Vance  & Family

Dear Ian,

To my family and I you are a "pet angel"

I highly recommend Pets in Heaven for anyone that has children. I have two girls, aged 2 & 4. My 4 year old misses Bree very much, but saying goodbye
to her in such a manor has given her the closure she needed. My girls got to kiss her goodbye and give her flowers and watch her leave in a beautiful basket on her way to "doggy heaven".

There are so many words that can be used to describe you and the service you provide. I do not have the space to type them all!
Here are but a few, compassionate, inspiring, considerate, calming and geniune.
Saying goodbye to my beloved poochie "Bree", was the hardest day of my life. But I can at least be greatful for the way it was done. She looked so peaceful, so at
rest after her illness.

Ian, I will be forever greatful.


 For Alanis :-27/10/1997-16/10/2008 Dear Ian & the wonderful Pets in Heaven team, It has taken me a few weeks to be able to write to you, as the loss of our wonderful girl, "Lan" has been, at times, most gut-wrenching!I would like to thank you so much for your care, and respect, that you showed our 'old lady", and also for your gentleness and understanding at our loss.We know Lan is over the Rainbow Bridge, being the puppy she once was, and enjoying her time with her new found friends.Words definitely cannot express our thanks for the respect that you showed to our girl, and I never will be able to thank you enough.  Patricia Barnes 
Dear Ian

I really cannot thank you enough for helping us through this awful time.

Remy the budgie was my best buddy for four years and a much-loved part of our family. We miss Remy terribly. We cherished Remy's presence and personality and her sudden and untimely death has brought us extreme sadness. It is clear that for you "Pets in Heaven" is more than a business because you showed us that you really care about our loss. You have helped us through this awful time with your sympathy, caring words, and professional manner.

Thank you again for your assistance - we would not hesitate to recommend you.

Kindest regards

Tabatha, David, Rivalea, Tahlia and Jock


Robyn and Myself would just like to thank you for the care and respect you showed to our beloved josh and the kindness you displayed to myself and my wife at one of the most heartbreaking times of our lives. We will be forever grateful for your wonderful service Thank-you very much Ian.

from Ian and Robyn Bristow


Hello Ian,

Just a quick note upon you leaving,  taking my dearly beloved Miss Cheeky for a final lovely drive in style……I came back up to my apartment and have just done as you said with a glass of wine & watched the rainbow link you recommended …..it is really lovely….thank you!!

 I want to thank YOU for your kindness, patience & caring with me and my last bit of time with Cheeky….it was very special & an absolute worthwhile afternoon & the right way for me to help deal with her parting. 

You are a very special person to offer this beautiful service.  I hope you like the poem I gave you “She’s Gone”  that I found & has helped me & maybe others too….they are words from a poem that prefaced the Order of Service at Westminster Abbey for the Queen Mother’s funeral which I found in a book “In Loving Memory”…a collection for memorial services, funerals and just getting by…..

Rest In Peace my darling Cheeky….

Best Wishes….


Kerry xx


Dear Ian,
I would like to Thankyou very much for taking care of my Best Friend "Kirra", when I could not longer do anymore for her. Kirra had the Respect and Gentleness she so deserved in her final departure from her home. I Thankyou for the Compassion you gave Brett and Myself throughout this heartbreaking time. We did have a service for her, and scattered her ashes along the river she felt so free running along and playing in the water, it was attended by many human friends she has made in her life, and of course her "bubble maker" belowing out millions of bubbles taking her on her final journey.

Mary and Brett.


Thankyou so much for your professional and caring response to my grief at the loss of Scruffy . Thankyou for telling me about Emma, the
beautiful vet who came to our house in the evening - she was gentle and understanding as she helped our little friend cross to the rainbow
bridge. When you arrived a little later the genuinely calm and sincere presence you emanate gave me a great sense of comfort and peace, and I
knew I'd made the right choice. You gave us the time we needed, listened to us, looked at photos of Scruffy with us. You even indulged us by looking at the X-rays of Scruffy's hips which were pinned and plated when he was eighteen months old after a car accident. I asked if it would be possible to have the plates after the cremation, you didn't bat an eyelid and said you'd do your best. Today you returned our little mate's ashes in a beautiful urn, along with a small draw string bag containing two metal plates and ten screws which held Scruffy's hips together for fourteen of his fifteen and a half years. What can I say Ian? You are amazing. To think you honoured my odd request with respect and dignity just adds to your credibility. Your service provides an appropriate, loving and respectful way to say goodbye to the silent faithful animals that give us so much love.

Anne and Laurie

Dear Ian,

Thankyou so much for the love and care you gave us, at our time of loss, when we had to say goodbye to Diesel . You were there for us 2 years ago when Diesel's Mum ( Roxy ) passed away. We would not have wanted anything different for Diesel. Their should be more people in this world like you, and the world would be a much better place!
Thankyou once again.
God Bless
Keep up the great work you are doing!

James & Sylvia Spiteri and Family xoxo

 Dear Ian

Thank you for taking good care of our little boy on his final journey and for treating him so gently and with respect and dignity. We appreciate you providing a service that enabled us to see our Sam off in style. He deserved nothing less.

Jennifer, Marie and Alastair

Dear Ian

I would like to thank you Ian on behalf of our family for helping to ease the pain that filled us on the evening we said good bye to our boy. To see him at peace in the basket with the soft music playing helped me to know that he was in good hands and that you would look after him. Words cannot express how much that final picture in my mind has helped me in knowing that we made the right choice in choosing Pets in Heaven and given Bobby the dignified ending that he so deserved. I cannot speak highly enough of you to those many who knew Bobby as a loved member of our family.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Nicole and Peter Abdilla and Family

Dear Ian,

Thank you so much for the time you had spent with me and my family after out little girl 'Sheba' had passed away. Your kind words and support meant the world to us, and we will never forget the send-off we got to give to our little girl. You treated her with the utmost respect and dignity. It was just so beautiful. Your kind words, smile and generosity was so warm and loving. You knew exactly what we were going through and we can't thank you enough for what you had done for us. We will never forget you. We knew our little girl would be in safe hands when it was time to take her away.Thank you for bringing her back to us so quickly.

My family and I were in shock when Sheba had passed. After 14 years of having her in our lives and in our home, we knew her time would not be forever, but we were not ready for her passing. I guess we can never prepare ourselves for something so sad. I don't know how long it will take for my family and I to stop grieving for Sheba. She was a large part of our lives and was always there. Now she has gone and she has left a large hole in our heart.

We know she has crossed over the rainbow bride to our other furry friends. Not a day goes by where we don't think about her - We think about her everyday... all the time.

Thank you again Ian.
God Bless!

Narelle and Darryl Snowden
Eilief and Roberta D'Castro x x x x

Dear Ian, 

Eddie and I cannot express into words how much you and your service meant to us. The passing of our beautiful little lady " Minya " has been an 
incredibly diffulcult time, she meant the world to us, she was small in stature but huge in heart, personality and love. We wanted her final 
farewell to be as special as she was to us and to represent the love, and the beauty that she gave to us each day. We were blessed to share our 
lives together. For us, you made that possible, she looked like an angel  sleeping, comforted by beautiful surroundings and music as we began to 
say our final farewell to her. The loss of our little lady has torn our  hearts apart, but we have been comforted by the love, compassion and 
sincere understanding you have shown us through-out our time of grief,  we knew in our hearts that she was going to be safe and loved in your care and that  meant the world to us.  We are now united once again and continue to share our lives together  with her in her special and most beautiful "resting place"  Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have shared  with us, for all that you share with others and,  for all that "You Are" 
All Our Love and Best Wishes, 
Eddie, Narelle " MINYA ", Chaskah, Mahdi and Phoebe

Hi Ian, 
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you did for us and for our darling boy Oscar .  As you know, his passing was sudden and unexpected, so you when you arrived, we were in a state of shock, bewilderment & disbelief.
The way you treated Oscar with such dignity and respect and your total compassion towards us was something we will never forget.  And we will also never forget how beautiful and peaceful he looked as we said goodbye when you took him on his final journey.
Thank you for taking care of him and us & for bringing him back to us so quickly.  Please could you also pass on our thanks to Jonathan - the urn he made that now keeps our boy safe forever is just beautiful.
With kindest regards
Nikki Cooper 

"Thank you" doesn't seem to cover all you did for our beloved Bud .

Even though I must have been hard to understand through my tears, I immediately knew he would be in good hands. After 13 years we were
devastated to have to make the final decision and say goodbye to him, but we couldn't let him go on. He has now passed over the Rainbow
Bridge and is playing with Dozer, Byrne and Jessie. Our son Chris is coming down from Numurkah and we'll spread Bud's ashes up
near the dam where he, Cliff and Tess used to sit and solve the problems of the world. We miss him dreadfully but know he'll be sitting up there
watching us all.

Thank you so very much - your compassion, care and understanding has been most gratefully appreciated.

Sue, Cliff and Katie Williams - Yellingbo

Dear Ian,


We would like to sincerely thank you for your loving, compassionate and genuine care that you provided, when we had to say good bye to our fur baby Belle


Unaware of your services, after saying goodbye to Belle at home, we took her to the vet clinic.  Wrapped in her blanket, we left her there on the concrete floor at the back of the clinic.  She was to be cremated through clinic cremation services.  It is suffice to say many tears were shed and I had trouble leaving my baby there. 


In the early hours of the following morning, somehow we were guided to the Pets In Heaven website.  What can we say about when you arrived to pick our fur baby from the clinic!  Was it the elegant basket in chiffon surrounding or the cute little soft toys with roses on the side?  Without a doubt, it was everything you described & more, but most importantly, it was the person that greeted us with a great deal of compassion and offered me a warm gentle hug.  We are so grateful for having had the opportunity to say good bye to Belle in the manner that we did.  I was haunted for 2 nights with the image of her in a black bag at the back of the vet clinic but now when I close my eyes, my last memory of her is, Belle resting peacefully in a beautiful basket, surrounded by flowers and the soothing music in the background. 


There was a tremendous sense of relief, the moment we left Belle in your care.  We knew our fur baby was in safe, trusting hands.  Thank you again for being exceptionally attentive and patient throughout this experience.  Thank you for providing a service that not only takes the uncertainty out of how ones fur baby is transported or treated during their final journey but also creates an ever lasting and tranquil memory to reflect on for ever.   God Bless!


Anna & Andrew - Mitcham

Dear Ian
Thank you so much for being there for me for the last month of my dear Vicki's life and being there to help send her off to rainbow bridge. your kind words and hugs and allowing me to sit with her for as long as it took till i was ready to let go helped me alot. The loving hug and kind words with the return of her back to me, you will never know how greatful i am and how touched i feel to have had you bless my life. You are an angel on earth, vicki looked like a pure angel in the back of your Hearse thank you.
With light and love and many blessings!
Dear Ian,

What can I say besides Thank you?

You ARE the most beautiful & genuine person I have EVER met! You are a guiding beacon of white light in the darkness of death, the one who carries us through the turmoil and heartbreak that we feel is going to never end, and you help us to grieve and say goodbye to the ones we hold dearest to our hearts. You are truly a godsend.

What I found most comforting of all was the way you came into our home and arranged Pepsi and Chong so that they looked so beautiful and peaceful for their last journey here on earth. We appreciate the love you showed them and us, and the way you sat down with us and spoke such kind and genuine words of sympathy that settled our fears. You gave us time to grieve (and even gave me a cuddle when I was crying) and the most memorable (and tearful) part of the whole process, was listening to "In the Arms of The Angels" when
my boys were put in the back of your gorgeous Hearse as we said our goodbyes for the very last time. I could not have imagined a more fitting end to the lives of my fur babies. Even though they are gone now, I will always have them in my heart, and
thanks to you, we will always have them close to us wherever we may go. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do. No words can ever truly describe the way your kindness has changed our lives forever, and for as long as I breath, I will tell those around me how wonderful and special you are.

Love Kali, Andrew, Kloe, Lachlan, Charise & Lucius - Melton Victoria
Dear Ian,
We wanted to take a moment to thank Pets in Heaven.  Having your services at hand during the loss of our cat, Munchie , honoured her life in a way that we couldn't have achieved without you.  The tenderness and respect you show for your clients - four and two legged alike - shows a genuine and unique empathy.  Now as we move on, we will always remember the special contribution you have made to the life of Munchie. Once again, thank you and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone facing the loss of their pet.

Yours sincerely,
Tim and Jason, St Kilda East.

Dearest Ian,
It has been a tough few weeks adjusting to life without my best friend Slash . She is the best cat in the world and I miss her so much I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have coped through this night without your help. From the moment you answered the phone I knew that you would be the one to help send Slash onto her next journey.. Monday night when I came home from work and saw Slash I knew, "just one more day" I kept thinking, but it was time. Barley able to speak through tears I called you back, you gave me the number for Rebecca (I could not find a vet that was willing to come to my house after hours on such short notice) Rebecca was unable to come out until quite late so she gave me the number for Emma from "my best friend" I called Emma at 7pm she was at my house by 8.30. She explained what it was she was going to be doing before and throughout the night. You both sat with me and listened while I remembered ALL the fun times Slash and I had together. I can not recommend the two of you highly enough the kindness, the time you took, and let me take in saying good bye to my best friend Slash although it is never long enough. I have and will continue to recommend your services with the most appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you so much.
Amanda, Slash's mom

Dear Ian,
When I knew that my beloved, best friend and loyal companion of 13 years Barney , my border collie's life was coming to an end I rang you for his arrangements. Even though I was crying my eyes out you were patient and very understanding. When Barney was put to sleep and you came to pick him up I knew he would be in good hands. You were understanding, professional and offered your condolences in our sad time. I knew from when I met you I knew I had chosen the right person. You allowed us to take our time and say our final farewell to him. You treated Barney with the respect he deserved. He has gone to a better place; however, we have happy memories of him in our hearts. I have no hesitation of recommending Pets In Heaven to anyone.
Thank you again for your understanding.
Dorothy, Anne and Frank - View Bank

Dear Ian,
I wish to thank you sincerely for your genuine compassion and empathy during our time of grief. From the moment I heard your voice on the other end of the telephone line in the early hours of the morning I knew that everything was going to be okay. Holly our beautiful 20 year old cat died peacefully on the 19th of November 2007. After experiencing a traumatic event following the death of our 14 year old Dalmatian 2 years ago from a so called "caring pet service" I was relieved to have found such a wonderful person to take care of our girl as if she was your own. The dignity Holly deserved and received from you Ian was the most wonderful gift. I will never forget your kindness. It gave us peace of mind to know that you personally took care of her from the time you picked her up from our home to bringing her back to the front door. I would also like to thank you for supporting the inclusion of our dogs Mojo, Ruby and Lucy in the farewell ceremony. They all loved Holly so much. I have no doubt that it made their experience of loss easier. We always believed that Holly really saw herself as a dog. Thank-you once again Ian. We will never stop recommending your service to all we meet.

Deborah and Justine

Dear Ian,
Thankyou for being so compassionate & understanding in the passing of our beloved Gypsy . Gypsy was put to sleep & you were there within half an hour to pick her up, you gave us the time we needed to be alone with her & to say our final farewell. Your car, the music & the basket you picked her up in just made us realise we couldn't have made her last journey any more special. Thankyou.I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is an animal lover & wants to do the best for their loved one.

Cheryl & Jamie - Berwick
"Pets in Heaven" what a perfect representative they have in you Ian.
From the moment I met you I felt total understanding, caring, love and a real passion for what you were doing. My beautiful little Fuzzy's final journey was filled with respect, dignity and love. Then you brought her back home to me with such anticipation. You had all the time in the world for me. The amazing poem you wrote just blew me away. Ian you are a Godsend. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Elsa, Andrew and of course Fuzzy.
Dear Ian & Alysa,
We don't really know what to say except thank you, I am sorry its taken us so long to write this email but I am still trying to come to terms with Kebab not being around. I will say it really did help us a lot when I met you both and saw the care and compassion you both had for our boy, when I saw the back of your car where Kebab laid after he died, it was a huge comfort. You are both very special people with huge hearts so THANK YOU for looking after Kebab and bringing him back to us in a very special way.

Love Marianne & Tristan
Dear Ian
We simply cannot express in words the appreciation for the service that you supplied to our Dear Sweet " Shona ". I never dreamed that she would receive the send off that she did and that just made it so much more comforting to know that she was so well looked after. After 22 years she deserved the best and she certainly got that. The service that you provide is priceless. If only more human beings had the sentiment and love for pets that you have, perhaps the world would be a better place. We certainly have told alot of people about your wonderful service and you should be commended for what you do. It takes a special person to provide what you do and you definitely are that. Our sincere appreciation for all that you did for us....not just on the day but even on the following days leading up to her coming back home. Well Done and keep up the good work. God knows these loving little treasures deserve the best for what they give in return.

Many Thanks, Wendy & Judd.
Dearest Ian and your beautiful daughter Alysa
From the moment I opened the door and you gave me that hug I knew our beloved boy Punky would be trusting  hands.You compassion, nurturing  and understanding in our hour of need will forever be in our hearts. You sat with us as we stroked our boy through tears and desperate sadness trying to comprehend  the loss of our buddy. The beautiful basket, the car and music, was  so dignified we just could never had gotton through this without you. Thankyou for bringing our boy back to us and we truly believe through your sincere compassion and help he is now resting  peacefully "In the Arms of an Angel"

Jude, Kevin and Ashley Langwarrin

There aren't many people on this earth who will share their time with a complete stranger. Sadly, and to my regret I didn't know of the services that you offered for our 'Fur babies', till after our beautiful Tarsha passed aged 16 years. My daughter and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing her back home to us from the Vets. Sitting with Ian sharing the memories of our girl meant the world to us. You comforted me from the moment you walked in through my front door with a hug as I cried. Your words of comfort and true understanding of how we felt when you handed her back to us, came from your heart, your soul and it made it all that little bit easier to deal with. Your compassion and love for animals is a true testament in itself and we shall be forever grateful to you. I spread the word about Pets in Heaven, so others may be comforted knowing that your wonderful services exist. Our Tarsha sits on my kitchen dresser watching over us as we do her. Our Angel is home. Thank you Ian.

Jenny and Kayla - Ferntree Gully

I knew that I could not watch my gorgeous little friend Truff waste away for much longer.  She had her good days, but some days she really looked like life was not much fun. I also knew I wanted to ensure that she had the most appropriate ‘send off’ that I could give her as she had been a big part of my life for over 13 years.  Luckily I had a little time to prepare for the awful decision I had to make and even more fortunately came across Pets In Heaven on the Internet.  From the first phone call to enquire about what was involved until the delivery of my precious girl’s ashes I was amazed by the time, care and commitment put into this service.

Ian was such a soothing and reassuring  person to have on the other end of the phone as I tried to make decisions that I was really dreading having to actually finalise.

I was so grateful for them getting me in touch with Rebecca, who came to put my sweet one to sleep when my own vet couldn’t/wouldn’t make themselves available out of hours.  Rebecca helped make a very sad and torturous morning more bearable due to her gentle manner and patience.  We have our beautiful torti back now and she keeps an eye on us from the sunny shelf she now sits upon!  I appreciated all the care and consideration you gave Craig and I and our sweet Truff, we knew she was safe and in good hands the moment she left us.  Ian spent quite some time with me on that last visit as we reflected on what a little fluffy can bring to your life and about how making their exit from your life as loving and dignified as possible can affect your recovery from the awful loss.  Thanks again Ian  for a wonderful and very much needed service-

Sharon and Craig

Thank you so much for your compassion and the wonderful, caring service. Ian was helpful and kind as he sat with Amber and I, patting her with me as I said my goodbyes. At such a difficult time your prompt service, patience, understanding and respect was much appreciated.

Kim & Danny, Ferny Creek

Our much loved little Jack Russell Cross, Sandy passed away peacefully at home aged 17. As it was a Sunday afternoon and my local vet wasn't open, the animal emergency clinic suggested we contact you for a cremation. You couldn't have been more compassionate, sympathetic and kind. When I all I could do was blubber into the phone, your kind words helped me to come to terms with our sad loss. Knowing that Sandy was in caring and safe hands on her final journey was a great comfort to me and my family. Ian was lovely when he brought Sandy's ashes back home to us and he spent some time with us as we chatted about her as shared anecdotes and photos about our precious little dog. We miss her terribly but we gave her the best send off possible to 'doggy heaven' where she is now running free of pain and old age. Thank you again for a fabulous service.

 Jenny Joyce & Family

Thank you sincerely for your wonderful service, after loosing our precious Polly suddenly, you showed such kindness, compassion and friendship at this tragic time. I will remember her beautiful sendoff forever. Everything was done so beautifully and can't thank you enough for all your trouble.We are both looking forward to the "In Loving Memory Picnic Day" it will be lovely to see you again in happier circumstances with a couple of our fur babies.

Fondest regards
Dilys & John Clarke
Phil and I deeply appreciate your kindness and understanding during what was the darkest period of our lives - the loss of our beloved little girl Lucy . I don't know why I chose Pets In Heaven from the phone book, but I'm so glad I did. Perhaps Lucy guided me, she certainly deserved the kind of care you gave her. We'll never stop loving her and missing her but at least we know she left us with love and dignity and for that we have you to thank.

Joan & Phil - Nar Nar Goon
When I sold my house recently, I was struck with the sudden distress of leaving behind my beloved Kira , who had been peacefully buried in the back yard for two and a half years. I couldn't possibly leave her behind! Thankfully, I found Pets in Heaven. You showed real care and understanding, even though my beloved Kira died some time ago. It was a great relief to discover that even after a period of time, it was not too late to cremate Kira to enable me to take her with me, wherever I moved to. Thank you for treating Kira with such respect and giving her the same special treatment she would have received had she only just passed. I know that she certainly appreciated being treated with all the kindness she deserved. She was such a joy in life and I can only imagine her smiling down on me now.

Thank you!!!
I cannot begin to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your beautiful service and support. On the toughest day of our lives you made sure our baby took his much loved last 'Ride in the Car' in peace and absolute comfort. You are so caring, loving, understanding and extremely professional, giving us as much time as we needed to say our final farewells. Our final memories of Bear are beautiful, snuggled up in the basket looking so comfortable and peaceful; I could just hear him saying to me 'This is great Mum!' Our boy will forever be with us now thanks to you, and our memories will last forever. We will never be able to speak highly enough of 'Pets in Heaven' and will be forever grateful.

Naomi & Jean-Marc - Berwick
We would like to express our great appreciation to you for the compassion and care you showed during a very difficult time. Poopley our pet canary meant the world to us and with your help we were able to give him the kind of special care he so truly deserved. It is not easy to let go after 12 1/2 years but knowing he was in very capable hands really helped us cope. You understood that this tiny little bird was so much a part of our family and for that we thank you most sincerely.

Catherine, William, Natalie & Sean - Mentone

Catherine and myself (Albee) would like to say thank you for all the help and support you have given us during this difficult time that we had for our fur baby Ming . We thought your service was caring and thoughtful that you had made such a unique effort into bringing the best to offer for our loved one and giving us a touching farewell. Keep up the good work as you know that all those who passed away are looking down smiling and saying thank you. I am very pleased that Catherine had specifically picked you, faith led us to you with one glimpse off the internet. So once again Thank You Very Much and hope to catch up soon.

Albee and Catherine - St Albans

I want to truly thank you for the compassion and understanding you gave me when Agatha passed away. When I called around to find a service I would need, you listened and explained the process with compassion. This made all the difference and the reason I chose your service. Your care of Agatha and of me, on the day and afterwards made this time much easier for me. Agatha was more than a pet to me for nearly 16 years and I was devastated. I cannot speak more highly of your service and have recommended you to many of my pet loving friends. Thank you so much for everything.

Cathy - Reservoir
Thankyou, Thankyou, for everything you did for us to help us cope with the loss of our beloved Roxy. We couldn't have imagined a better way to say goodbye to Roxy . Your professionalism and support was just wonderful. Once again thankyou for making our memories of Roxy something we will never forget! If only there were more people in this world as understanding and caring as you. God bless.

James, Sylvia, Ben, Brooke and Chris. - Roxburgh
Thank you Pets In Heaven. Your dedication and warmth is what impressed us when we first met. Knowing you loved your pets as much as Jim and I loved our Max made the whole process of saying goodbye so much easier. Thank you sincerely Jane & Jimmy - Moonee Ponds 
.. I am very thankful that I happened upon you as you have made the last memories I have of Boris peaceful and loving. You cannot change memories of the past and when you get it right, it is a really nice feeling. I could not have made a better choice. 

Karin - Macclesfield

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