I Have a Question...

Please find listed below some of the many questions I have been asked by various pet owners.

I hope the information below is of assistance to pet owners.

Please do not hesitate in calling me or email us if you have a question that is not listed below, as I am here to help and assist you and your question may very well be something another pet owner would appreciate knowing about.

Q.  Is it ok for me to take a photo of my pet in your basket before she leaves?

A. Yes off course. 

Q.  Before my pet leaves is it ok for me to cut a small piece of my pets fur to keep?

A. Absolutely or I can do that for you if you like.

Q.  My pet has been quite ill and I just don't think it's fair watching him suffer any longer. I don't have a regular vet and wondered if you know of any vets who come to your home and do euthanasia?

A. There are now a number of mobile vets who will come to you. there charges vary a lot so its best to get a couple of quotes before you decide. look under mobile vets in the yellow pages. 
Q.  I have written a small poem for my pet but I just don't think I will be able to read it out when you come to take her away. Would you be able to read it out for me. A. Yes of course.   
Q.  I work in the day and wondered if you were able to come out and collect my pet in the evening? A. Yes I can. there is NO extra charge for after hours collections unlike other cremation companies who will charge you.
Q.  If our pet passes away on the weekend are you still able to come and collect her from our home and does it cost any extra? A. Whenever possible I am able to collect pets 7 days a week and no it does not cost any extra.

Q.  I was told by a friend that I have to take my pet to the vet after she passes away, however I would prefer for her to be collected from home.  Are you able to do this for me?     

A. Yes most certainly I can. In fact the majority of pet collections I do are from pet owners homes. If you live in Melbourne I can come to you. 

Q.  I don't feel comfortable staying at the vets to say my final goodbyes as I would have already done this at home. Are you able to collect my pet from my vet without me being there?

A.  Yes, as long as you pass on your wishes to your vet and provide me with your vets contact details.
Q.  I have never had a pet euthanased before and aside from feeling very guilty, although I know it's something I have to do, would you mind if I called so you could let me know what happens in this process and does the vet have to take my pet away once they have done this, although I want you to take my pet. Sorry for sounding confused. A.    I see many pet owners who sadly have to make this very difficult decision and by all means please call me so I can  explain the process of what can happen. Also, it is up to YOU to tell your vet or who ever performs your euthansia that you do NOT wish for them to take your pet away and that you have made other arrange-ments with Pets In Heaven ®. 
Q. I have had a look at your In Loving Memory Page which is just lovely however I have only seen dogs, cat's and rabbits and our loved pet is our 8 year old canary. Could you please tell me if your service also includes the collection and individual cremation of birds as we love our little singing bird and would very much like to give him the very best goodbye. Thank you. A.  Yes my service does also include the collection of birds and other small pets. We even have a special tiny Pets In Heaven ® satin and lace basket for your precious tiny pets final journey.
Q.  We live in an apartment where we are not supposed to have a pet but we have our 12 year old cat. She is very ill and I don't expect she will see the weekend and we wondered if you are able to meet us in the nearby park so we can say our goodbyes to her there and not in our apartment? A.  I can meet you where ever suits you. I have met some people in lovely parks and gardens to say their final farewell.
Q.  I know my girls time is drawing near and I wanted to know how much notice I need to give you in relation to you coming out to collect her. A.  If possible, the more notice the better. This will ensure you have *booked* my services on a particular date and time and then if other clients call at short notice (which sadly happens a lot due to accidents and sudden tragedy etc.) then they are understanding about working around our booked clients times.
Q.  We live in Ballarat and only want you to look after our pet when  it's her time however we know you only collect pets in the Melb and outer CBD, so can we arrange to meet you somewhere close by to town and give her to you? A.  Yes certainly. I have met a large number of country and out of town clients at various agreed locations.   
Q.  My dog was an old faithful mate for a long time and I just want him to be treated respectfully but I don't need the fancy part. He was a no fuss kind of dog, so can you do this for me? A.  Yes certainly, I can keep things as simple as you wish and all pets collected by us are treated with the utmost respect and gentle care. 

Q.   Tragically I was not aware of your business when my fur baby passed away. I had a very bad experience and want to know who I can contact with my complaints or what process I can take.Any assistance you can pass onto me would be so very much appreciated and thank you for your time.

A.  Sadly I get calls from people seeking this information as they are not sure where to turn. It really breaks my heart to hear of the trauma or horror stories that have happened to people and  their loved pets and it just makes me all the more proud of my business, ethics and high level of professional service I offer.

   Try the following as a guide:

(a)  Try to reconcile things with the company or business (try speaking directly with the owners or Directors etc.) 

(b)  Send a letter (by registered mail) to the company or business about your grievance stating a date you would like them to respond by. Make sure you keep a copyof your letter. 

(c)   If the above fails,  you can try calling Consumer Affairs 1300 558 181 and get further advice.              

Q.   I have never lost a pet before and I know my big boy's final day is drawing close. Could I call and chat to you about how to make him the most comfortable and to ask what you actually do when you arrive, so I can be prepared and help where needed.


A.  Most certainly. Just call me anytime 0402 466 988
Q.   I have a young family and I am not sure how to involve them when our family dog is put down or when you come and collect him. Can you please tell me what other families have done and any other suggestions you might have.

A.   In my experience, when I visit a family home and there are young children involved, I have usually already spoken to mum or dad on the phone days or weeks prior about various methods other families have implemented. There are a number of simple little tasks children can do, to feel a part of helping make their pets final day a memorable one. I most certainly feel this helps in providing a caring, healthy, respectful and loving last farewell for a much loved member of the family.
While on the day and at the time there is much heartbreak and many tears, which is quite natural, the children have been prepared and included in carrying out little jobs as well as giving many final cuddles and hugs. Also, I believe for the children to see that mum and dad are also upset, crying and greiving allows them to freely express their own feelings of sadness and loss.

Because each family is different it's always best to give us
a call and have a chat. 0402 466 988

 Please keep checking back as I update my page.

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